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We help moms prioritize their health so they can take on life’s challenges.

Karlynn Only-Sydnor

My love for exercise and nutrition began when I was an athlete. I played volleyball all throughout high school and college. Physical activity was and still is my therapy. Being in the gym, focusing on getting stronger and faster helped me to clear my head, relieve stress and anxiety and gain confidence.


 ​After I became a mom, my focus shifted to taking care of my family. Having four kids takes a lot of energy. Early on while raising my family I started to lose sight of who I was. I was always tired, always feeling overwhelmed, even resentful at times. There were times I would think to myself, "once my kids are older I can focus on me again". That just seemed like such a long time and I was tired of how I felt and how I looked. 


I realized that, my kids will always need me and I will always be a mom. It was in that moment I decided to take action and begin a workout program.


I worked out five days a week and paid close attention to what I ate. Over the course of 12 months I stayed consistent with exercise and nutrition. I wasn't perfect with it but I stuck with it. By the end of the 12 months I lost 50lbs and felt amazing.


I no longer felt guilty for taking time for myself because my kids were exercising with me. By prioritizing my health and fitness I am showing my kids how to lead healthy lives.

Trainer and Owner, KAOS Performance Fitness

Build strong bodies. Lose the baby weight.

Unlike other studios, gyms or home workout programs where there is no customization specifically tailored for women, KAOS Performance Fitness has personalized women’s training programs that are created for pre/postnatal women and women entering menopause.

Increased lean muscle
Reduced excess fat
Increased energy
Reduced anxiety and depression

What Clients Say About Us

I’ve had an amazing experience with Karlynn. She’s seen me laugh, she’s seen my cry, and she encouraged me when I hit a wall half way through my program. She’s an equal balance of support and tough love, which has helped to keep me focused. Also love the app she uses with the program to house exercises and food logs. I’ve lost 27.7 lbs so far and hope to hit my goal weight before the end of the program. Highly recommend. 💪🙌🏋🏻‍♀️

Kelsey Morgado
Fairfield, CA

I really enjoy working with my trainer and feel that I made a good decision in hiring her to train me. She’s always on time, always responds back right away if I text her a question about fitness, works around me schedule, is affordable and most importantly, very dedicated to helping her clients in their fitness journey. I’m excited for my fitness journey with her and highly recommend her to others trying to loose weight.

Onita Before and After_edited.jpg
Onita Stauch
Sacramento, CA

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